A.'s Projects

I have a passion for using technology to solve problems. I also enjoy helping people. I'm at my happiest when these combine, and I'm able to help people through software I've written. Of course, having great people around me to help is what makes it even better. Some of my favourite personal projects over the years... let's see...


When I was a teenager, over a boring summer holiday from studies, I decided that since Windows was unreliable (this was back in the Bad Old Days™ of Windows 98 and 2000), Linux had an abrasive community, and FreeBSD did not yet make a good desktop (my how times change... they are all flipped now... I digress), I would make an OS of myself.

AWOS started out as nothing more than a toy for learning systems programming and assembly language, but then I decided I wanted it to do more and joined a few communities on the Internet for kernel development. I made a great number of friends (some of whom I still talk with today... and one of which, named Elly, became even more than a friend...) and learned about leading an open-source project too.

I haven't developed it in a very long time, but if you would like to see what once was, you can see AWOS' web site - it's still up, at least for now.


Elly and I both grew tired of the fact that most Game Boy emulators do not emulate the link cable, and if they do, it's buggy and slow - if it even works at all. So together (and with some help from other contributors - thank you!) we are writing a new emulator that is designed to be fast and true to the original hardware.

In a little over a month we already pass 100% of Blargg's rigourous CPU tests.

You can see more at the GitHub site.